Johann Emil Franke, perhaps better known as “Hanny Franke”, was born on September 2nd 1890 in Koblenz and died on January 15th 1973 in Frankfurt am Main. Following an appren-ticeship as a decorative painter in Strasbourg and Cologne, he was drafted into World War I. Subsequent to this, he enjoyed an artistic education at the Städel in Frankfurt (1919-1923) and then lived as a freelance artist in Frankfurt am Main.

During extensive educational journeys to Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France, he expanded his knowledge and especially trained his eye for landscape painting, a genre he was particu-larly suited to throughout his life. He painted in the tradition of the Kronberg painter’s colony.

For many years, he lived with his family in Frankfurt, where he was board member of the Frankfurt society of artists and a member of the advisory board to the Städel School, amongst other things. He was also a constant advisor to the city of Frankfurt in various committees concerning cultural policy matters. He spent the last ten years of his life in his own house in Eschborn in Pfingstbrunnenstrasse.