The town’s museum and archive offer fascinating insights into the history of Eschborn

What were people’s lives in Eschborn like 3.000 years ago? Who fought in the battle of Eschborn? And what exactly was found in the burial sites of the Alamannii which were dis-covered near the village of Eschborn? The museum and town archive at the Eschenplatz offers answers to these and many other questions.
The modern building of glass and steel which houses the town archive was added onto the historic inn “Zur Krone” in 1989. Different departments deal with the history of the town from the Bronze Age until modern times.

Concerts, readings by authors and talks about historic subjects are held regularly in the hall of the museum.
For a few years it has also been possible to get married in the historic ambience of the town museum.

Permanent exhibitions

Johann Emil Franke:

The painter “Hanny Franke” (1890-1973), who is well-known in and beyond the region, spent the last years of his life in Eschborn. His estate, which includes sophisticated landscape mo-tifs of the town and its surroundings, is managed by the musem

Battle of Eschborn:

A separate department is dedicated to the conflict between the knights of Cronberg and the free imperial city of Frankfurt in the year 1389. The knights of Cronberg emerged from the feud victoriously.
Many years after the battle, the proud knights commissioned three paintings depicting the events.

Alamannic burial sites:

Cloakpins made of precious metals and bronze bowls are among the most valuable archaeo-logical items found in the burial sites.

Opening Times

Wednesdy:15 - 18 h
Staturday:15 - 18 h
Sunday:14 - 18 h
or by appointment


Museum / Archive
Gerhard Raiss
Eschenplatz 1
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