The foyer of Eschborn’s town hall is not just an entrance hall of the administration, but also a gallery. All around the fountain on the ground floor and in the entrance area, various artists display their works for six weeks at a time.
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Theatre trust

Seven times a year, the curtain is lifted at Eschborn's town hall for performances by the Theatre trust. It is a potpourri of light comedies, classics, musicals and revues. 550 seats are available, most of which are occupied by subscribers. Subscriptions for the upcoming season are sold every summer.

Concert trust

On four Sundays every season, ensembles or soloists perform pieces from different eras and genres.

Cultural programme for children

A theatre programme especially for children and youngsters is held in Eschborn. Performances are chosen in accord with the schools and kindergartens.

The children's cinema takes place once a month in Eschborn and in the community centre in Niederhöchstadt.

Additionally, there are concerts, readings and other events in various intervals.

The city of Eschborn organises a special theatre programme for children and young people. Performances are chosen in consultation with the schools and nurseries.
The children’s cinema takes place once a month both in Eschborn and in the community cen-tre in Niederhöchstadt.
In addition, there are concerts, readings and other events.

On four Sundays each season, different ensembles or soloists perform musical works of different eras and styles.
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Seven times a year, the curtains are lifted in the town hall of Eschborn for performances of the theatre circuit. Anything from light comedies to classics, musicals and chorus lines can be enjoyed.
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Mrs. Johanna Kiesel

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Culture is of great importance in Eschborn and is an important flagship of the town. There are cultural offerings for all levels of the population and all age groups.
As well as theatre and concert events in winter and summer, there are art exhibitions in the town hall and the museum, street fairs and markets.
There are theatre events aimed especially at children, a children’s cinema and, in summer, open air theatre and music events.
“Summertime” in Eschborn is a series of different events from June until August which enjoys great popularity.

"Axis of sculptures"

One of the concepts of the “Axis of sculptures” project is to get art out of the museum and take it to where people are. It was initiated in 1988 by the adult education centre (Volks-bildungswerk Eschborn e.V.) as a project for art in the public space and encompasses works of art which are distributed in the municipal area.
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Up to 1700 visitors regularly come to the Summertime concerts which are held in Eschborn every Wednesday from the end of June until the end of August at different locations in Eschborn and Niederhöchstadt. Every week there is a different style of music. Entry is free and local clubs provide refreshments.

Additionally, four theatre performances each for children and adults take place during this time.

Start: 20. June - End: 22. August 2018