Eschborn, with its 20.000 inhabitants, situated on the eastern side of the Main-Taunus County and just next-door to Frankfurt, is today a modern office and commercial centre with more than 26.000 jobs. The prospering Rhine-Main commercial centre and it's favourable geographical location - 10 minutes by car to the Rhine-Main airport - attracts countless companies.
The city's low Business Tax of 280 % and its reliable policies also benefit this development.
Good things are also being done for the population. An excellent infrastructure especially favours families and children. Pleasant residential areas, parks, four schools, playgrounds, kindergartens, sports grounds and child care centres, as well as Eschborns location at the foot of the Taunus hills contribute to the rest. Art and culture are also emphasized.
The city's well cared-for commercial parks are a forum for internationally active firms and offer attractive locations for new companies. The great majority of jobs are in the services sector, Eschborn is also the head office location of many high-tech firms as well as countless government authorities. More and more high quality and architecturally well-designed office blocks are being built here. This quality development is being continued according to the planning regulations of the Frankfurt/ Rhine-Main area.